Content Builds Trust, and Trust Drives Revenue.

Time and time again, content marketing proves worth it for those who invest in doing it correctly. And unlike other forms of digital marketing that stop having value once the budget runs out, effective content can continue to deliver for your brand by driving traffic to your site and building brand awareness for years to come. 

Content marketing can effectively reach new leads, build brand awareness, nurture existing customers, and boost your bottom line––all while providing helpful information that your ideal audience is interested in consuming. 

Here’s the thing: ​​the modern media landscape is an ever-changing and evolving place, so if you’re not constantly adapting to the latest technology, best practices, and content marketing trends, your brand could be left behind. 

We know you need content that’s on-brand, engaging, and informative. 

That’s where we come in. 

Our Content Marketing Tenets: 

(Good) Content is Supreme 

Half-baked content doesn’t cut it anymore. Consumers now expect online content not only to be of higher quality but also to be more relevant and personalized to their needs. It’s essential to focus on producing the most informative, entertaining, and authentic content out there for a successful content marketing strategy. In other words, brand messaging must be human-centered.

Content marketing can be incredibly effective at strengthening your brand, but it is not a promotional tool. Simply blasting out promotional messaging will not drive sales. Instead, it will alienate customers, get bad marks from Google, and waste your valuable time, energy, and resources. 

Create for the Audience, Not the Brand  

Selling to people who actually want to hear from a brand is more effective than interrupting strangers who don’t. One of the most critical aspects of effective content marketing is knowing your audience, so you can direct content in a way that will resonate with them and drive them to convert.

Knowledge is Power! Unlimited Power!  

We don’t take for granted the importance of learning in the ever-changing world of content marketing. By continually staying up to date with the latest industry trends, best practices, technology, and search engine algorithm updates, we ensure that the content we produce remains relevant and effective. 

This is a new era for marketing communications. Content is no longer a nice-to-have. It is a need-to-have, and what will ultimately maximize your brand’s visibility, impact, and profit. Treat it as a compass for your marketing strategy, and the result will be a brand that is as profitable as it is captivating. 

Merilyn Ritchie, Co-founder + Director of Content Strategy

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EX Web Content

EX Web Content

Includes: Up to 1,000 words web copy. The kind that engages readers and supports your business goals. Plus, keyword research, competitor analysis, and more.

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EX Pillar Content Enterprise Kit

Includes: Three (2,000-Word) Pillar Topic Pages, 24 (750-Word) Sub-Pillars (AKA Blog Posts) + keyword research, topic ideation, SEO, and more. Great for small to medium-sized businesses, large, complex enterprises, eCommerce businesses, and brands looking to rank higher in SERPs, quickly.

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EX Blogger X 4

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